Meet Rising Star Mate Moro

8, September 2015 by DryBy

We’re proud to boast that our native Budapest has become quite the scene for contemporary design and photography.  One of our star collaborators is Mate Moro who has shot a few of our campaigns and is making quite a name for himself working with magazines like Tank, and shooting campaigns for pretty much all the cool fashion brands in Budapest.  He has a particularly stark, clean aesthetic that we love. We wanted to know what life is like for a photographer at the beginning of his career to we asked Mate how things are going. Watch out: He’s on his way to London soon! 


When did you decide to become a photographer?

It was around ten years ago. I was a graffiti writer and just wanted take photos of my works and then photography became my passion. I started taking photos of the urban culture that surrounded me and then I went to art university where I learned to think more about pictures, and express my ideas with the help of photography. University gave me a lot, especially when it comes to thinking about photography in the intellectual sense.


What are some of your favourite current clients?

I love collaborating with Hungarian brands such as USE Unused and Dori Tomcsanyi. I have quite a smooth working process with them because we have the same taste and visual thinking in a lot of way. Besides that, I’m really happy to be working with Tank Magazine in London. I’ve loved working with DryBy as well: It was a new experience and challenge.

Use Unused photos

What has been the biggest boost to your career so far?

The true first was when I got accepted to art university. Then maybe when I got my first request from my favourite magazine, The Room. Both of them gave me an incredibly strong push to keep moving forward with my career as a photographer. But I do feel like different kinds of boosts keep coming to me all the time. It can be a really inspiring new job or participating in a cool new exhibition, just as much as it can be positive feedback from someone I admire. I also love to talk about photography with a lot of different people—a good critique session can be really beneficial too.


What advice would you give other artists who are starting their careers?

It’s a hard question because I still feel like I’m at the beginning of my career and there’s so much more to do.  I think everyone has a different method to reach the peak but maybe the hardest thing is to find and speak your own visual language.


Who is your dream client and why?

Haha, I have a lot. I admire Kenzo. They have a really magnificent, fresh and unique aesthetic when it comes to both their products and campaigns. I especially love their KENZINE, which is made by artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, and designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. I would love to collaborate with more independent magazines. My favourites are Noon, Document Journal, Pop, Double and so on. Nowadays I’m finishing my new zine, and it would be really amazing to take part in photography festivals with it. I love Hyères, for example. What photographers do you most admire? All those photographers who can keep their own visual voice and constantly come up with something fresh. This process is the most inspiring and admirable thing in my view.


Photographs by Mate Moro