Neom's Happiness candle in front of the shop

Happiness is…Neom

26, September 2015 by DryBy

Though the doors to the house that is DryBy are always open (or at least for the majority of the day, 7 days a week), we hosted an “open-house” for editors, stylists, bloggers, etc. for the ever so gruelling London Fashion Week.  We thought there couldn’t be anything more relaxing than getting primped before a fashion show, and knowing you’d be walking in with new hair/nails and an air of restored confidence, and so we decided to be a haven for all the hard-working men and women of fashion.  In fact, we had a troop of the savviest people in the industry through our doors for a moment (45 minutes, to be exact) of peace.

It may sound obvious, but a big part of making the experience as close to perfection as possible—beyond the hair wash, the blow dry, and the nail art itself—is ambiance.  Among the things that contribute to this make-or-break aspect are the design of the space, the music, the lighting, the temperature, and—crucially—the candle.


We added a new trick to our repertoire this week in the form of Neom Organics candle “Happiness.”  Made up of 8 essential oils that really do actively boost your mood, its totally enveloping scent of white neroli, mimosa and lemon had quite an effect on the studio floor. It’s the unanimous favourite for the #drybyarmy, and we had dozens of questions on the lovely scent. Plus, we do all believe we felt a boost and saw perhaps a few more smiles than usual this week.

Aside from all its lovely qualities when it comes to scent and ingredients, we love this brand of candles because they are the creation of a smart, enterprising woman named Nicola Elliott, who got into aromatherapy as a hobby and turned it into a powerful scent company, that also happens to rely on organic ingredients.  In short, she’s turned a passion of hers into a job she can be passionate about, and a brand we can all get behind.