Decor Detectives: Mouldings

28, September 2015 by DryBy

Ever since the studio opened a few months ago, we’ve had a lot of questions about where we sourced x or y piece of furniture, how we achieved certain effects, etc.  The short answer is that—thanks to our designer’s vision—some of it has been custom-made for the studio, some of it is from Menu, Fritz Hansen, and a few other predilected nordic design outfits, and some of it, including the floral mouldings and the wooden floorboards was already here when we moved in.


As we mentioned before, we stripped the space down to its original bones when we moved in, only to find a pretty magnificent turn-of-the-century interior.  We decided to keep the original floors and the gorgeous, slightly distressed mouldings for their sense of history, adding an element of nostalgic patina to the space.


We were curious to see if there is a place where one can buy similar mouldings to recreate the look at home.  It took some time and we searched high and low, but we did find a good (and pretty affordable source online).  Head to Chic Mouldings for a great variety of old-school plaster decorations.  Some of them may seem a little cutesy, but give it a chance, and remember that they key is in the distress.  Giving the plaster pieces a bit of a rough up will only help to add that desired layer of patina.