15, April 2015 by DryBy

We’re two sisters, Anita and Krisztina, with a recently opened blow dry and nail studio in London’s Fitzrovia, and STORIES is what happens in and around our studio. It’s definitely not just about the hair and nails (though we can’t wait to see you at DryBy). It’s about the conversations we have on starting our own business, it’s the recipes and feel good tips that emerge, it’s what happens on any given day in the studio. We’re stripping back the gloss, telling the whole story—the highs and the lows—of starting something totally new, from scratch.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business?  Have you ever had a conversation with a good friend who wanted to transform her life completely and start a new venture, make a big change?  Was it a totally ingenious idea you could get behind, but had no clue where to begin?

We’re sharing everything we’ve learned on our journey in the hopes that we might just connect and demystify the experience for anyone in the same position.  And we’re asking all our savvy friends who have dared to dream, too.

Whether its a great piece of business advice or an inspiring story from a fellow entrepreneur, STORIES is all about pick me ups.  In addition to the interviews, personal journal entries, and glimpses inside our studio, we’re also sharing FEEL GOOD recipes and ideas from the kitchen of our friend and model Nelli Tombor. She’s a wonderful host who shares luscious recipes and foodie adventures for anyone in need of a little inspiration, whether it’s healthy or slightly more indulgent.

Ultimately, STORIES is a continuation of the conversations that begin at DryBy, a place where smart, busy women come to take a little time for themselves.