1001 Remedies: Intro to Aromatherapy

16, October 2015 by Nelli

It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow female entrepreneur, especially when you can get 100% behind what they’re doing. Just the other day, we were lucky enough to meet Sofia Belcaldi, the founder of 1001 Remedies, a beauty brand that packs its products with aromatherapeutic, natural ingredients. It all sounded so good, and then we tried the Good Night Balm and dozed off peacefully into a wonderful sleep: We were hooked.  

Naturally, we asked Sofia to share a little about her brand and give us a few aromatherapy tips.  Read on, her story is a good one:

“Giving birth to my daughter after a difficult pregnancy made me realise the importance of wellbeing. I wanted her to grow in a world of wellbeing, nature and authenticity. Raised as I was in a family of chemists and pharmacists, I remembered my own childhood in Morocco and my uncle ‘s pharmacy workshop where he brewed age-old remedies for years (and still does) using unique plant extracts.”

“Inspired by my pharmaceutical heritage ad yet wanting something more contemporary, I partnered with a  French lab with a particular expertise in aromatherapy. Together, we went on a journey revisiting traditional remedies across the globe and carefully selected the ingredients with proven efficiency.”

Aromatherapy & Wellbeing

Essential oils used in Aromatherapy have antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties that activate the immune system to boost the body’s own defences.  Aromatherapy can help you fight viral infections, flu, the common cold and fever for the long haul. Oils used in aromatherapy increase the body’s ability to combat infection, inhibit microorganisms and prevent the spread of the infection.

  1. Take a few drops of tree tea oil and gently massage on you neck and behind your ears to relieve early signs of cold and flu.
  2. Also, using few drops of eucalyptus oil on your chest can open up congestion through a change of seasons.
  3. Aromatherapy oils calm and soothe the body, reducing stress, which in turn reduces the exposure to infections.
  4. Spraying 1001 Remedies PurAir (it contains these oils plus much more for efficiency) on a daily basis in your home and on your bed linen will envelop you in freshness and will shield you against pollution, viruses and will be your healthy companion for the change of seasons into  and winter.


Aromatherapy & Beauty:

The antiseptic properties in aromatic oils have immense benefits for your skin, as they help stimulate the growth of new cells, improve muscle tone and blood circulation and eliminate waste from your skin.

  1. Combine a few drops of essential oils such as neroli and lavender, with your base cream, lotion, gel, mask or scrub. This will relax your skin leaving it fresh and soft.
  2. Other oils such as rose and rosemary can help correct the mind-body relationship by calming your mind and reducing your stress levels instantly.